How to make money from your teaching resources

If you’ve been a teacher for a while, you’ll probably, like me have several filing cabinets and a couple of boxes of USB sticks full of teaching resources and ideas.  Often, you’ve moved onto teaching elsewhere or on a different course and these resources are gathering dust.  But did you consider that there may be other teachers out there that would be willing to pay a couple of pounds, or more, for your resources?

The Times Educational Supplement allows you to become a paid author these days.  It is a resource sharing platform from which you can earn a bit of money on the side.  They pay about 60% of royalties to new authors after taking a fee, meaning that if you sell something for the £2 minimum price, you’ll get around 90p per sale.  It soon adds up though and can be a very worthwhile activity.

I’m celebrating becoming a Bronze Level Author, which means I get a higher percentage of royalties for my resources and I get my own shop.  I would need to add another 40 resources to become a Silver Author, but I fully intend to get there, eventually.  I wouldn’t rush with publishing, you can take your time, uploading one or two a week.  The resources need to be your own, however, you have got the option of attaching a youtube video with your resources that adds to the learning experience.

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Find out more about making money online with this guide to dropshipping, by Juan Antonio Fernandez Ramos, which I translated from Spanish:

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