Holistic Music Listening

Holistic Music Listening

Holistic music listening:

So we’ve all got our favourite music platform these days that we use to listen to our favourite tunes… We have them set up with possibly a thousand or so albums in our personal library. I use Amazon music app, but it really doesn’t matter which you have.  If you’re anything like me, your music library has hundreds and hundreds of hours of listening but often we go back to the same songs, time and time again.

Tonight I challenge you to go to the ‘all songs’ tab and play shuffle… Yes, let the computer (or the universe) decide which songs you are going to listen to.  Scary, right? No skipping allowed.  “Are you kidding?”  You ask.. No, I’m not.  Stay with me.  You may not end up listening to the songs you wanted to, but you’ll listen to the songs you were meant to listen to. Go along with the ride and consider what the universe is trying to tell you, what the song means to you, what memories it invokes…  Go on the journey and see if you come to some powerful revelation about who you are or what your purpose is.  Either that or have fun telling your kids about the time Mummy was rocking the mosh pits of all the latest bands back in ’94 while Daddy was playing air guitar to Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’ in his room.  Holistic music listening is letting go of the DJ controls and getting carried along to any tune your device throws at you… No requests allowed!  It might be the inter-connectedness of everything has a message for you and music is a powerful tool for understanding that message.

Or I’ve just completely lost the plot…. you decide…. Enjoy!

Keep reading, keep sharing, keep listening – loud!


(C) Stephanie Burgess-Arteaga

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