Spanish Music: Mi proyecto

29/03/2018 Marina 6

La tesis se enfocará en la escena musical en España, particularmente en los géneros de música alternativa, punk, metal y riot grrrl.

Spanish Music: High Fidelity

19/03/2018 Marina 0

Their melodic punk sound resonates throughout the rest of the album, with tracks that will keep you dancing all night and that you’ll find you will be singing to yourself the next day.

Spanish Music: The PL Girls

16/03/2018 Marina 2

In an interview at the Contemporary Art Museum in Castilla y León, the PL Girls lead singer spoke as a part of the Musical Dialogues:  Femme Volume.  The title of the talk was “The transgression of gender roles in music: The wave of the new scene”.

Spanish Music: Contigo en Contra

16/03/2018 Marina 0

Each of my albums represents a time of my life and this new record is a representation of the ‘before and after’ of my music and of my frame of mind…

Spanish Music: Mar de Fondo

15/03/2018 Marina 1

Currently working on their second album, Galician rock band ‘Mar de Fondo’ bows to the international greats like Audioslave and Velvet Revolver, while staying true to their Galician roots.

Spanish Music: Xuorum

02/03/2018 Marina 0

So raise you glass and wish Lander, Davo, Gorka and Suso and very happy anniversary.  Here’s to another 10 years!