Mexican Music: La Tomasa Ska Band

The Mexican ska band that raises the roof 

From Baja California and with over 16 years experience playing live, La Tomasa Ska Band are set to bring their distinctive style of ska to the wider audience with their ‘Ska Beer Tour‘.

The band is made up of Emmanuel Rodríguez – “Keyo” (Bass and vocals), Rodrigo Martínez Meza- “Mr. Frodo” (Lead Guitar y Backing Vocals), Christian Moreno – “Bagre” (Trombone), Oscar KMU – (Rhythm Guitar) and Daniel Osuna – (Drums)

Over the years they have shared a stage with many well-known artists such as Desorden Público, Javier Bátiz, 2 Minutos, Panteón Rococó, Austin Tv, Sekta Core, Pablito Molina, Golden Gangah, La Coyota, Juan Sirerol, Sonora Skandalera, Nana Pancha, Tijuana No, to name but a few.

Their albums Los hijos de la changada (LP 2003), – Simplemente (EP 2007), – Ladrando Ska! (LP 2010), – TRECE (EP 2016) are available on all the usual platforms and can be bought on AmazonUk.

The concerts are said to be fantastic.  The band raises the roof while the audience dances throughout the whole set.  The next few concerts will be:

Saturday, April 7th, 2018 7:00 PM
Guadalupe Victoria, Mexico


Friday, May 18th, 2018  4:00 PM
El Bicho Bar
Tlaxcala, Mexico


For the first time in Tlaxcala they will be sharing the stage with other notable bands and good friends.  It’s going to be a blast.


Sunday, May 20th, 2018; 7:00 PM
Naucalpan De Juárez, Mexico


Found out more information on bands in town and confirm dates with the venues


If you go to one of their shows, send us some pics and maybe write us a review.
Good luck with the tour!!


(C) Stephanie Burgess-Arteaga, 2018

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