Spanish Home Learning Correspondence Course

I am now running a home learning correspondence course for Spanish beginners.

How it works?

Every week you will be sent via Google Classrooms a series of learning to work through at your own pace including:pexels-photo-904616.jpeg

  • The best Spanish language learning videos that explain the key points of the weekly task and my own tutorial videos
  • Flashcards both printable and online
  • Activities including games and worksheets
  • A project to consolidate all new vocabulary and grammar in context
  • Songs to learn to reinforce the vocabulary

Feedback and Progress

You will then send me your work for feedback which will be in the form of :

  • a 10 minute live skype conversation
  • a video or voice recording made by you or
  • a written piece of work

You will then receive personalised feedback from me on a weekly progress report

Learning Focus


Each week the learning will focus on:

  • New vocabulary
  • Grammar in context
  • A cultural aspect of the language
  • Engaging activities on the topic being studied

The price:

  • Each student can register with their email for £30 for six sessions which include all of the activities and feedback as detailed above.
  • Additional skype conversation sessions are available at £25/hour

What age is the course suitable for?

The course is designed for people who like to have fun when they are learning.  I see no age limit with fun and I see no age limit for learning.

This copexels-photo-302083.jpegurse is for all ages.  Ideally, the student would have a fairly good grasp of reading and writing, however, if the parent were to assist the student with tasks, then there would be no reason for even very young children to participate.  I’d be happy to talk you through how to adapt the material for young learners.

How do I sign up?

The next course will be running from the 14th May until the 18th June.

Sign up before the 1st May to get the full course for £24. (usual price £30)

All material will be available for revision until the 16th July however, additional revision weeks are available for course participants at £1 per student, but will not include feedback.

To sign up or for further information, get in touch below:

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