Gig Review: The Blue Yellows


It’s great to head out on a Friday night to any place offering cask ales and gin but with the added extra of one of my favourite local bands playing live was more than a slurpelicious bonus.

Offbeat Brewery lays just outside of Crewe town centre on the other side of the infamous train tracks. The sun was going down as I arrived and the whole sky had a spring sunset splashed across it in pinks, purples, oranges, and more importantly yellows and blues, the evening commuter trains and old Victorian buildings silhouetted over its canvas.

The band greeted me at the doorway, hugs all around. What a welcome. I’d arrived in the nick of time as they were just about to go on.

The place was packed… Every table in that shabby but chic little venue full of friends and families gathered around candles, seated on old beer barrels with upholstered stool tops.

The side of the bar opened through to the garage, where the band were kicking off their set. I took my seat and a swig of my IMG_20180408_071205_193.jpghouse pale ale.

I was excited to hear the new material that they’ve just finished recording but yet to release.. (before the end of Spring is apparently the ‘official’ release date )

We didn’t have to wait too long to hear new songs. In fact, the whole setlist, which I pinched a copy of in true fangirl style, was a perfect balance between old a new tunes.

The new stuff is fantastic, proving that this band is going from strength to strength. Jonathan’s love of The Chilis sound evident. A rounded mix of mellowness and rockiness. A moment on a surfboard as the swell hits.

blue yellowsIn fact the whole Blue Yellows set is a perfect day out at the beach: With Morcheeba-esque keys provided by Emma, Dave’s versatile rhythm section adjusting to the size of the venue (Does the full kit fit? No? Ok… Tonight it’s the Cajon) and Simon’s bass backing up the groove, his face forever smiling!! They take us for a coastal picnic. Smooth tranquilo guitar riffs that transport you to a cafe del mar combined with heavier chord sequences that build up, like the swell hitting the yellow sand. Blue skies above.  ‘Sky meets Sea’, ‘Flamingos’ ‘Copper Moon’ and ‘Toast the Night’, all fitting titles.

Two sets of great original music old and new with just a couple of covers thrown in for good measure. They finished the set with “No Tobacco, no Jesus” their “one-hit wonder, well, it would be if it was a hit and, well, if we were a one-hit wonder band, well then I suppose this would be ours” joked Jonathan.

But it wasn’t enough, we pleaded for an extension to their set, drumming our thirsty-for-more rhythms on the tables and with shouts of ‘another’ and wolf whistles!

After their unexpected encore (Which one should we play? They whispered between themselves during the audience’s roar) The band finished, they looked happy, very pleased with the way the gig had gone and quite rightly so. A great gig, a fab night out, I went home with a warm blue yellow glow!

I’ll leave you with the vid to their ‘one hit wonder’. Some very familiar faces in this video!


(C) Stephanie Burgess Arteaga, 2018

Find out what Jonathan had to say about the gig.



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