Spanish Music: 1968 on tour

Saturday afternoon, I jumped in the car and headed out to a record shop in Winsford, Cheshire for a little browse through some vinyl.  It’s a new shop and more than one friend had told me that I HAD to go there and check it out.  “You can spend hours in there looking through the vinyl and they serve coffee too”.  So, what better to do on a sunny Saturday afternoon in the north west of England.

the electric churchThe shop didn’t disappoint.  I was off to a flying start, rummaging my way through a whole host of vinyl past and present while Blondie played over the shop’s main sound system.  A coffee ordered, I continued my search through the indie section and it was a bit of a surprise to find the ‘Hinds’ album on 33rpm waiting for me on the shelf.  Mint condition, brand new and aching to be heard, the kind lady behind the counter switched the Best of Blondie for my choice.  I pointed out to her how surprised I was to find this Spanish band in amongst the collection.  It soon became clear why.  Her son who owns the shop plays in a band, 1968 and he’s just about to go on tour to Spain, so probably been checking out the Spanish music scene a little.  After listening to Hinds’ album, she put her son’s band on for me and I have to admit, it was just my kinda thing.  For those who’ve never heard them, think Soundgarden mixed with Led Zepp and you’re probably going to be quite close as dammit to their style.  Heavy 70’s sounding guitars with a good strong vocal section.

Anyway, as I know loads of my readers are in Spain, I thought I’d let you know their tour dates and encourage you to go and check out this band that is local to me and see if you like them.  I should imagine you’ll be in for a good night out and what better to support one of my local bands, who could be mega famous and charging 30+ euros a ticket by this time next year.

I’ll leave you with their music so you can get a taste of what the night might have to offer.  Tour dates are in the cover photo.

Keep listening.


(C) Stephanie Burgess-Arteaga, 2018

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