Classic Rock: No Penis Necessary!

18/02/2018 Marina 4

If it is the case that women musicians were dismissed by the mainstream music press during the initial decades of rock and roll then, we can’t really say how many more female musicians were out there, being as amazing as the Beatles, being as heavy as Led Zepplin and, as shown by Sister Rosetta Tharpe, being as talented and groundbreaking as Chuck Berry.

10 Favourite Albums: Facebook Challenge

16/02/2018 Marina 0

It was punk and it was life and it was fun.  This record is my personal portal to the 90s, to a simpler time, when people would connect face to face and you could just knock on someone’s door to see if they fancied hanging out for the afternoon, the whole day or even the entire weekend. Before life got infiltrated by technology, social media, and when virtually no one carried a camera in their back pocket, thank goodness!

Una colección de fanzines

19/01/2018 Marina 2

Estos fanzines son realmente una joya, una expresión de las subculturas de los noventa y de las inquietudes en la sociedad… Por ahora, van a formar parte de mis investigaciones académicas dada la importancia cultural y la mirada alternativa que aportan sobre la sociedad.