Spanish Music: Broken Lingerie

10/04/2018 Marina Is Red 0

“Crucified Decay” and “Lying Words” are heavy punk with fast rhythms, perfectly overdriven guitars, bar chords, deep bass lines and screaming but melodic vocal tracks.

Spanish Music: To Brave My Soul

26/02/2018 Marina 4

The new track ‘Strange Storm’ certainly has a grungy feel; Rafa’s thick deep voice sings out over a Fender twang; the light and shade of melodic verses and a heavier power chord chorus; the raw edge given to the production as a whole.  A feel-good grunge track with dark undertones.

Spanish Music: The Night Transmission

10/02/2018 Marina 9

We opened the night and played in front of around 700 people, I know that for many groups that’s pretty normal, but not for us. What more, the audience really enjoyed the concert and we played really well. It was a unique experience for all of us